A High Five Should Boost The Morale Around Here...


is a blog started all the way back in July of 2014. There are many contributors, far better at writing- and with far more interesting viewpoints than his. It is a discussion of music, faith, culture, politics, trends, a bunch of griping,  and cole slaw.


Photo by Melinda Culp.

Photo by Melinda Culp.

Reese Roper is a jerk of incredible proportions. Born in Steamboat Springs, CO, he recently relocated to the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. He collects teeth, and the fingers of chickens. He gathers the teeth by looking beneath the pillows of sleeping children. He then gently replaces them with quarters. He is the singer in some band called Five Iron Frenzy, and a male nurse. Also a pretend karate champion, writer, and director of extremely long and tedious documentaries.