Q: Reese, why do you wear skinny jeans now?
A: It's harder to mess them up by putting both legs in one pant.

Q: Why do you hate Chris Cornell?
A: I don't hate Chris Cornell. Just his voice. And mouth. And face. It's really just the Nineties. I am trying to forget them for the most part.

Q: Why do your songs make me want to hurt myself?
A: Because they are bad.

Q: Who is buried in Grant's thumb?
A: There is no answer to this question.

Q: What happens if you get scared to death....twice?
A: You gain a mutant superpower. Usually a fifth sense.

Q: Why do we sing "Take me out to the ball game" when we are already

A: This is serious. You need to stop being so nosy. These kind of questions can get you killed. Or worse. One time, when I was seven, I asked the question, "Do vampires get AIDS?". That same day, a European hippie, or a Gypsy as they are better known- put a hex on me. The hex was that I would never, always, sometimes, be good at dancing. And yes, it came true.