Reese Roper. Circa 1976. Photo by Burt Reynolds.

Reese Roper. Circa 1976. Photo by Burt Reynolds.

Older, seasoned, versions of this blog. Lovingly stored in formaldehyde.

The Soundtrack to Your Life is Being Sung By Michael Bolton

July 28th, 2014- Your notoriety for being a douchebag is being questioned by some guy that can barely remember to post his blog every Monday.

Love Is A War of Lightning

August 4, 2014- A look at your mom's favorite topic... swearing.

"Used to Be a Christian Rock Star" Looks Very Bad on a Resume

August 11, 2014- PTSD. It's fun for the whole family!

Real Princesses Die In Car Crashes

August 18, 2014- How I am faring in the war on Barbie.

This R2 Unit Has A Bad Motivator

August 25, 2014- Climbing mountains can be metaphorical. Or actual, and very dangerous to your junk.

Sleep Now In The Foyer

September 1, 2014- Brad and I destroy Five Iron Frenzy with the mighty power of homelessness.

To Escape From These Things

September 8, 2014, Round one of some seriously depressing poems by Reese.

I'm Tailgating You Because You're Stupid

September 15, 2014- Reese Roper vs. The Commonwealth of Virginia

How Many Servings of Fruit Are in a Bottle of Wine

September 22, 2014- Taking one of the five paths into drunkenness.